Commit 023e0b63 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Change the default wait time for an inactive server in the null config to 3 min.

This config (used on subboss) was set on 60 seconds, but often times that would
cause the server to shutdown before the client could send its leave message
that included client-side stats. So we weren't accumulating stats.
parent c50139c6
......@@ -105,8 +105,13 @@ set_get_options(struct config_host_authinfo *ai, int ix)
* We use a small server inactive timeout since we no longer have
* to start up a frisbeed well in advance of the client(s).
* XXX we cranked this from 60 to 180 seconds to account for clients
* with lots of write buffer memory but slow disks, giving them time
* to flush all their buffers and report their stats before we give
* up on them.
strcat(str, " -T 60");
strcat(str, " -T 180");
ai->imageinfo[ix].get_options = mystrdup(str);
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