Commit 01fb8ce4 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Convert fatal() to tbinfo(), when an interface type does not have

any corresponding entries in the the capabilities table. Just skip it
and hope things work out okay!
parent 649cd68c
......@@ -3849,14 +3849,15 @@ sub LoadPhysInfo()
while (my ($iface_type, $node_type) = $query_result->fetchrow()) {
my $node_class = nodetypeclass($node_type);
if (!defined($interface_capabilities{$iface_type}->{"protocols"})) {
tbinfo("No protocols listed in capabilities for $iface_type!\n");
$node_type_linkbw{$node_type} = {}
if (!defined($node_type_linkbw{$node_type}));
$node_type_linkbw{$node_class} = {}
if (!defined($node_type_linkbw{$node_class}));
if (!defined($interface_capabilities{$iface_type}->{"protocols"})) {
fatal("No protocols listed in capabilities for $iface_type!");
my @protolist =
split(",", $interface_capabilities{$iface_type}->{"protocols"});
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