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Summary: ABone network management software.
Name: anetd
Version: 1.5
Release: 1
Copyright: Anetd Community Software License:
Group: Net-Extra
Requires: jdk-abocc-1.1.8-1
The anetd daemon from SRI supports the configuration
and operation of the Active Networks Backbone (ABone)
being developed by the ACTIVATE project at ISI and
SRI. See for
more information.
/bin/rm -rf /usr/local/jdk118_v1
# no build steps required.
# add abone group (from database)
# add 7 abone accounts (from database)
cp $RPM_SOURCE_DIR/anetd-linux.tar.gz ~abocc
cd ~abocc
/usr/bin/gunzip anetd-linux.tar.gz
/bin/tar xvf anetd-linux.tar
# create symlink to jdk in ~abocc
# create symlink to ~abocc/anetd (use script in tbpc:/~kwright)
rm ~abocc/anetd-linux.tar
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