Commit 01a23c0d authored by Wim Van de Meerssche's avatar Wim Van de Meerssche Committed by Leigh B Stoller

bugfix: unlocking slice on Delete failure, so slice does not remain locked forever.

parent 31d96ff7
......@@ -821,6 +821,12 @@ sub DeleteSlice($)
my $retval = GeniCM::CleanupDeadSlice($slice, 1);
if ($retval) {
#wvdemeer: Something went wrong deleting the slice.
# But we have a taken a lock above.
# So we need to unlock, or retry becomes impossible and the slice stays locked forever.
# If all is successfull, unlock is apparently not needed, I assume this is because the lock is deleted along with the slice.
return -1
if (!$blocking);
return GeniResponse->Create(GENIRESPONSE_ERROR);
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