Commit 0190ae6c authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Fix a mistake in an eplabconfig query that was associating virt_node entries

from other experiments with the experiment in question... can't believe that
ever worked.  It's a testimony to how few people use that feature!
parent 8efafd72
......@@ -6420,11 +6420,12 @@ COMMAND_PROTOTYPE(doeplabconfig)
res = mydb_query("select vl.vnode,r.node_id,vn.plab_plcnet,"
" vn.plab_role,i.IP,i.mask,i.mac"
" from reserved as r left join virt_lans as vl"
" on and r.eid=vl.eid"
" on r.exptidx=vl.exptidx"
" left join interfaces as i"
" on vl.ip=i.IP and r.node_id=i.node_id"
" left join virt_nodes as vn"
" on vl.vname=vn.plab_plcnet and r.vname=vn.vname"
" and vn.exptidx=r.exptidx"
" where'%s' and r.eid='%s' and"
" r.plab_role != 'none' and i.IP != ''"
" and vn.plab_plcnet != 'none'"
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