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Additions and updates regarding expt verification, approval, and email

contact from emulab. Addresses how users must perform verification before
they'll be approvable, and also about how email contact is used. Also
discusses spam filters and how to make exceptions for us, and not to use
SpamKiller or other manual confirmation schemes.
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<li> <a href="#GS-Eligible">Who is Eligible to use Emulab.Net?</a>
<li> <a href="#GS-1">How do I start a project?</a>
<li> <a href="#GS-2">How do I join a project?</a>
<li> <a href="#GS-2b">I'm a project leader, and someone applied
to join my project, but they're not on the
list to be approved.</a>
<li> <a href="#GS-2c">Will Emulab send me email messages?</a>
<li> <a href="#GS-3">I have an Emulab account. Now what?</a>
<li> <a href="#GS-PATH">Do I need to change my PATH variable?</a>
<li> <a href="#GS-4">Can I be in more than one project?</a>
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information, and provide the name of the project you are trying to
join (typically, the <i>Project Leader</i> will have told you the
name of the project). Then click on the "Submit" button, and wait
for an email with your new user key. When that email arrives, use
the link in it (or the key itself), and use it with your password
to log into the web site and verify your account. Then just wait
for the project leader to approve you. When approved you will
receive an email message saying so, and you can then log into the
<li><a NAME="GS-2b"></a>
<h3>I'm a project leader, and someone applied to join my project,
but they're not on the list to be approved.</h3>
Joining a project has 3 stages. The first two are done by
the person trying to join, and they both must be completed
before you can approve their application. The first two are
outlined <a href="#GS-2">in the previous question</a>, where the
user fills out the "Join Project" form, and performs account
verification. After these two steps are both complete, the
project leader and any group leaders in the group
(<a href="#GS-6">More info here</a>) will get an email saying
the account is ready to be approved, and it will appear on the
list of new users waiting to be approved.
If someone says they've applied, but you haven't received an
email from Emulab about it, and they don't show up on your
list, the most likely cause is that they haven't finished the
verification step.
<li><a NAME="GS-2c"></a>
<h3>Will Emulab send me email messages?</h3>
Yes! Emulab uses email notifications to you in several different
ways. Often it will send you a copy of information regarding
experiments you set up, applications to projects, and other
things you do at Emulab. Sometimes (like with account
verification) the email is a critical part of being able to use
For those reasons it is <b>critical</b> that any spam filtering
software you have accept email from Emulab itself (anything
coming from the domain) and from Emulab staff (from
the or domains). In many cases, it may
also say that is from a specific machine in those domains. Our
messages usually do not get flagged as spam by most filters, but
in certain cases it can be a problem. It is also important that
it not require manual intervention or confirmation to get emails
through to you, so programs like SpamKiller can cause problems.
It is also important to read your email often while you are
using Emulab, especially while you have machines reserved in
an experiment. A few emails may be the only notification you'll
get before we swap out an experiment that appears to be idle,
and if you don't respond, you may lose important work. Email is
also our method for informing you about problems we may be
experiencing, downtimes, or other important announcements. Your
experience with Emulab (and ours with you) will be much more
pleasant if everyone is responsive to email.
<li><a NAME="GS-3"></a>
<h3>I have an Emulab account. Now what?</h3>
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