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    Bring wanassign back from the bit rot abyss. Three changes. · fe9eba11
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Remove all of the code that dealt with allocating unconnected nodes.
      It used to be assign_wrapper passed all widearea node allocation
      decisions to wanassign, those in links and those that were
      unconnected. assign_wrapper now handles all unconnected nodes since
      assign is much better with features/desires and node type stuff.
    * Do not modify any database state in wanassign; It used to do the
      actual nalloc calls, but now it just returns the mapping to
      assign_wrapper so that we can more easily track "recoverability" and
      because there is existing code in assign_wrapper to allocate vnodes
      on the selected pnodes. No point in duplication.
    * Switch from mapping to vnodes, to mapping to pnodes. We made this
      change for other virtual nodes; instead of "fixing" to a vnode on a
      pnode, fix to the pnode. The resulting mappings are also given as
      pnodes, and assign_wrapper does the allocation on those selected
    Now all we need is uptodate widearea data!