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    A bunch of backend delay node changes. Change the delays DB table to · fe13d60f
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    hold separate values for each of the two pipes. This allows us to
    treat the links asymmetrically with respect to the delay node
    configuration. Changes to tmcd to return the expanded info, and rework
    (completely) delay_config to allow user to change the duplex
    characteristics (just like before), or just simplex characteristics by
    specifying the pipe number. By convention (I invented) pipe 0 is
    traffic coming in on iface0. Of course, none of the front end stuff
    has been changed, so the changing a single pipe does not cause
    anything in virt_lans to be changed, so those changes will be lost at
    swapout. Also get rid of all the ssh'ed pipe config stuff in
    delay_config. Instead, add a client side script called update_delays
    to /etc/testbed on the experiment nodes. After updating the delays
    table, just ssh over and run that script, which calls the existing
    code. Less distribution of knowledge.