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    Latest attempt to improve vnode booting. See below. · 850b5ab7
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    1. Change hackwaitandexit on the client, to return zero if the guest
       has not finished setting up. We used to treat 30 seconds as too
       long must have failed, but this is really not the case, especially
       on busy machines.
    2. Fix up vnode_setup exit code handling, we were losing non-zero
       status cause of not shifting it down, and so failures were never
       being reported.
       New: If the vnode setup does return failure, set its event state to
       TBFAILED to cut short the wait in os_setup and the IG monitor
       process. On the surface this seems like an obviously good idea, but
       I'm sure it will come and bite me when I least expect it.
    3. Change GeniAggregate Start/Restart to ignore vnode_setup failures,
       and let the monitor watch for TBFAILED or timeout. There are just
       too many ways for it to fail, and we want to allow vnodes that did
       not fail to set up normally, and give the user the choice to
       restart the ones that failed.
    4. Don't let frisbee run forever, protect with timeout. I need to use
       Mike's new -T option, but not till I actually get new frisbee
       pushed out.
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