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    Changes to node control (web page). Added a backend script to do this · f9cfddd4
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    stuff so that the web page did not need to do anything except display
    and form processing. Add tbsetup/node_control for backend so that it
    can be called from the command line too. The virt_nodes table is also
    updated (for those values that have virt_nodes equivalents), and this
    mostly implies that changes can be applied only to swapped in
    experiments since we use the reserved table to map pcXXX to its vname
    so that the virt_nodes table can be updated. It is an easy extension
    to allow changes based on the pid/eid/vname, but I do not see a reason
    to support this ability yet. Note usage:
        Usage: node_control name=value [name=value ...] node [node ...]
               node_control -e pid,eid name=value [name=value ...]
               node_control -l
        For multiword values, use name='word0 ... wordN'
        Use -l to get a list of operational parameters you can change.
        Use -e to change parameters of all nodes in an experiment.
        {824} stoller$ /build/testbed/install//bin/node_control -l
          next_boot_osid            - (administrators only)
          bios_version              - (administrators only)
          rpms                      - (multiple options allowed)
          next_pxe_boot_path        - (administrators only)
          tarfiles                  - (multiple options allowed)
          pxe_boot_path             - (administrators only)
          next_boot_cmdline         - (administrators only)
          deltas                    - (multiple options allowed)
          next_boot_path            - (administrators only)