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    "improvements" to prereserve: · f7219346
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    New option -s datetime to specify a starting time for the pre-reserve.
    New option -e datetime to specify a ending time for the pre-reserve.
    The idea is that you can schedule a pre-reserve to begin sometime later,
    and you can optionally specify a time for a prereserve to terminate.
    There is a new script that runs from cron that checks for pre-reserves
    that need to be started or terminated.
    For example:
    boss> wap prereserve -s '2012-09-14 09:08:15' -e '2012-09-15' emulab-ops 50
    You can use any datetime string that is valid for str2time. At some point
    it would be nice to allow natural language dates ("tomorrow") but that
    requires a another bunch of perl packages and I didn't want to bother.
    NOTE: when using -e, -r is implied; in other words, when the
    pre-reserve is terminated, the table entry is cleared *and* the
    reserved_pid of all of the nodes is cleared. Any experiments using
    those nodes is left alone, although if the user does a swapmod, they
    could easily lose the nodes if another pre-reserve is set up that
    promises those nodes to another project.
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