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    Add extension limiting to manage_extensions and request extension paths. · f71d7d95
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    The limit is the number of hours since the experiment is created, so a
    limit of 10 days really just means that experiments can not live past 10
    days. I think this makes more sense then anything else. There is an
    associated flag with extension limiting that controls whether the user
    can even request another extension after the limit. The normal case is
    that the user cannot request any more extensions, but when set, the user
    is granted no free time and goes through need admin approval path.
    Some changes to the email, so that both the user and admin email days
    how many days/hours were both requested and granted.
    Also UI change; explicitly tell the user when extensions are disabled,
    and also when no time is granted (so that the users is more clearly
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