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    We now save the switch path that assign computes, into the DB. We then · f61a6288
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    use this path when setting up the vlan, instead of recomputing the set
    of trunks that are need. Assign does a much better job of this, so
    throwing the info away is bad.
    But, if there is no switch path, we still have to be careful cause the
    switch infrastructure might have loops, and the existing algorithm did
    not take that into account. And in fact, Utah has loops and this was
    causing grief. I added a simple spanning tree function (Prim's Greedy)
    to calculate a loop free set of trunks.
    An added complication is if the vlans are modified on the command
    line, and the there is a switch path in the DB. In this case we have
    to throw that away, and revert to dumb loop free calculation.
    Note that we also have to store the switch path in the vlans table,
    since for swapmod/synctables, we need to know how to undo stale vlans
    (which are no longer in the lans table).
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