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    New widearea node checkin stuff for CMU. This stuff is quite a bit · f3f0fa98
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    different then the original widearea code. Simpler, less dynamic.
    First off, the wanodecreate script creates a new widearea_nodeinfo
    entry.  These are nodes that will later checkin and be created as a
    real node.  The input is a little xml file that you can use to specify
    the stuff in the table entry (city, state, zip, etc). You can also
    provide a privkey (no more then 64 chars), or one will be generated
    for you.  For each one of these, create a Dongle Boot and stash the
    privkey as /etc/emulab/emulab-privkey on the dongle. You do not assign
    the IP address; the node will tell us that when it checks in.
    A node checks in like this:
    The web page is simply a stub that makes sure the arguments don't have
    any illegal characters, and then passes off to the backend.
    The backend script checks the privkey and finds the widearea_nodeinfo.
    The first time the node checks in, the node is created (db/Node.pm)
    (nodes table, interfaces table, etc), and the node is moved to hwdown.
    Subsequent checkins watch for changes to the IP or hostname, and issue
    named_setup calls as needed.
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