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    Improve cross referencing between geni-cm and emulab datbases. · f1a659b8
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    Add a datetime form to the shownodehistory we page so that a testbed
    admin can plug in a specific date, and find out what that node was
    doing at the time. Changes in the backend (node_history script) to
    support this. Note that the table is hard to seach for such a case,
    and so need to let node_history do its thing and then port process the
    records list. Unfortunately, the timestamps are unsigned ints, but
    perl does not handle those properly, so had to pull in Math::BigInt to
    deal with it.
    On the output page, include a link to the genihistory page if a node
    was part of a slice.
    On the genihistory page, add a new argument, slice_uuid, to look for
    the records for a specific slice.