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    A set of cosmetic changes. Actually one consmetic changes in a lot of · ecab2742
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    places. I refactored the "busy" logo stuff that is done in various
    scripts in various formats into a couple of functions. I have not
    changed all the code that does the busy thing, but I got a bunch this
    time around. In menu.php I added a couple of functions (that spit out
    little bits of javascript).
    	Display a centered message (ie: "Starting Swapout"), then a
    	plead to be patient, and then the "busy" icon (spinning thing
    	that my Mac does too).
    	Clear the busy icon, and replace "Working ..." with "Done"
    	Clear the busy icon and delete "Working ..."
    	Delay one second and then replace the current page with the
    	new page.
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