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    Widearea support. · ea2cca4b
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * Add a bootwhat command that can be used instead of the bootinfo
      protocol, which is not appropriate for widearea cause its UDP. We
      lose the ability to have nodes "pxewait", but that is not actually
      necessary for widearea nodes since they are always allocated and up.
      Rather then duplicate code, I reorganized the bootinfo code so that
      I can link in the guts of it. There is some hackery to deal with the
      events that bootinfo sends, but so be it.
    * Initial support for setting up accounts for the CMU widearea nodes,
      adding yet another way to specify accounts for a node. In this case,
      its a new node_type_attributes slot called "project_accounts" that
      is a comma separated list of group idx's. This is just a temporary
      measure to make sure that accounts are always set up on the nodes,
      the way they are for RON nodes. This will all need to change since
      we want to also create accounts on the fly for people creating
      experiments using the virtual nodes on each widearea node, but I
      have not figured that part out yet.
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