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    Retroactively add a version number check before returning BOOTPART= · ea0d1fcc
    Mike Hibler authored
    From the comment:
         * "BOOTPART=" confuses the old rc.frisbee argument parsing
         * which looks for "PART=" with the RE ".*PART=" which will
         * match BOOTPART= instead. Thus an old script loading a
         * whole disk image (PART=0) winds up trying to load it in
         * partition 2 (BOOTPART=2). So we can pick one of two
         * versions, the one in effect when rc.frisbee changed its
         * argument parsing (v30, circa 6/28/2010) or the version
         * in effect when BOOTPART was added (v36, circa 6/13/2013).
         * We choose the latter.