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    Serious restructuring of parsing. · e9b8c412
    Christopher Alfeld authored
    This makes variable dereferencing work as expected.  So:
            for {set i 1} {$i <= 8} {incr i} {
                set c($i) [$ns node]
                tb-set-node-cmdline $c($i) "BATCH=1 DST_NAME=$c($i)"
    will now expand $c($i) to correctly to c-$i.  Similarly:
    set node1 [$ns node]
    puts "First node is $node1"
    will output:
    First node is node1.
    Caveat: It assumes that every node and lan will be stored in a
    variable.  So doing something like:
    $ns duplex-link [$ns node] [$ns node] 100Mb 150ms DroPTail
    while in theory valid and sensible, won't work.
    A clean rewrite of the parsing stuff is probably something I should do
    soon.  It needs it to do all the variable munging correctly.
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