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    More work on "recording" template events. · e9607a77
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * New version of template_record just for ops, since so much is
      different about ops, not bothering to maintain a single version.
    * Various fixes to how the recorded events are stored and reconstituted.
      The big fix is to wrap them in a sequence to that they get fired
      properly (waiting for completion of previous event in recording).
    * New buttons to Pause and Continue event time, which is used when
      adding recorded events. This allows users to pause time while they
      "think" so when an event is recorded, the thinking time is not actually
      in the timeline. Eventually hope to figure this out automatically, but
      that will take some real, uh, thinking.
    * Add a new event editor (linked off the template page) that allows
      you to delete and change the recordings. Note that you can only edit
      the events at the template level; you cannot edit the events of an
      instance (swapped in experiment), and you can only edit the recorded
      events, not any other events. Not sure its useful to be able to do
      either of these yet, but probably not too hard to add at some point.
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