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    Minor docs tweaks: · e941712b
    Russ Fish authored
    kb-search.php3 - If there's an xref_tag, use it in the found item URL.
    showstuff.php3 - Replace the broken tiptunnel faq link with kb-show?xref_tag.
    tutorial/tutorial.html - Use kb-show?xref_tag=linux_kernel instead of idx=269.
    tutorial/elabinelab.php3 -
     . Change syntax from ::TBCOMPAT:: to 'namespace eval TBCOMPAT {'.
     . Document elabinelab_source_tarfile, tb-set-elabinelab-cvstag,
       elabinelab_tarfiles, elabinelab_nodeos, elabinelab_hardware,
       and elabinelab_fixnodes, including refs to similar tb-set- commands.
    tutorial/nscommands.html - Fix the anchor for tb-set-node-os.
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