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    The bulk of this commit adds the ability to run the program agent on ops · e8bb6bca
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    so that users can schedule program events to run there. For example:
    	set myprog [new Program $ns]
    	$myprog set node "ops"
    	$myprog set command "/usr/bin/env >& /tmp/foo"
    	$ns at 10 "$myprog start"
    	tevc -e pid/eid now myprog start
    Since the program agent cannot talk to tmcd from ops, there are new
    routines to create the config files that the program agent uses, in
    the expertment tbdata directory.
    I also rewrote the eventsys.proxy script that starts the event
    scheduler on ops; I rolled the startup of the program agent into this
    script, via new -a option which is passed over from boss when an ops
    program agent is detected in the virt topology. This keep the number
    of new processes on ops to a small number.
    Also part of the above rewrite is that we now catch when event
    scheduler (or the program agent) exits abnormally, sending email to
    tbops and the swapper of the experiment. We have been seeing abnormal
    exits of the scheduler and it would good to detect and see if we can
    figure out what is going wrong.
    Other small bug fixes in experiment run.