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    NFS mount changes, still a work in progress, bound to change: · e369c1a8
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * The Emulab portal now adds a toplevel element (Emulab namespace)
      directing the CM to use standard emulab mounts (read: /users).
      We clear that element from the other portals.
    * The CM looks for that tag, and allows it only if the caller is the local
      SA. The default for nfsmounts setting for geni experiment containers is
      "genidefault", but that is set to "emulabdefault" when allowed.
    * tmcd changes; no using nfsmounts slot instead of nonfsmounts. "none"
      means no mounts (duh), "emulabdefault" means standard mounts we all know
      and love, "genidefault" means no /users mounts.
      In addition, when we are doing emulabdefault mounts on a geni experiment
      node, we do not return accounts that are specified in the rspec, but
      rather we return the local project accounts only.