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    Kirk Webb authored
    Some PLAB dslice manager updates:
    - in addition to asking the dslice agent (on plab) for a list of available
      nodes, we now also fping them all to weed out unresponsive ones.  One problem
      here is that several plab nodes block ICMP; could be solved by pinging with
      nmap (tries both a ICMP, and TCP ping).  This affects the plabdaemon getfree
      command, and subsequently which plab nodes appear as "up" in the DB
    - Changed slice naming scheme:  we now append the experiment index onto the
      slice name to try to ensure uniqueness (emulab_<pid>_<eid>_<idx>)
    - Modified plabnode to try to cope with flaky nodes - there is some retry
      code in there now
    - Added the "fixsudo" shell script which is run very first as root (via the
      cumbersome "su" command) to fix sudoers for later sudo use on plab nodes.
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