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    virtnode hack: Some terribly ugly ones! Do a prepass on the virt_nodes · e002fbeb
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    and virt_lans to determine which links/lans need to be dropped out of
    the list given to assign (.top file). Basically, if a simple link has
    virtual node in it, get rid of the link (both sides). If a lan has a
    virtual node in it, then get rid of just that member of the lan (the
    other regular members need to be allocated as usual). There is a minor
    problem of a lan with just one physical member left after dropping the
    virtual members; not sure what to do about that so I punted on it for
    Note that I *do* send the virt_nodes into assign for allocation as
    unconnected nodes. Its up to the user to create the routes properly,
    although maybe we have to do that automatically?
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