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    Automate initial user/project setup from setup-db.txt. Rather then · dd1b57bc
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    have the user go through a set of hard to explain steps, just push
    them through it using the web interface.
    * New sitevars to control a little state machine used by the web
    * When first setting up a testbed, the sitevar value will force the
      web interface to present the user with a single menu option "Create
      New Project" and the "Home" link will take the user to that page.
      The user is instructed to login is as elabman.
    * The user fills in the form as directed in setup-ops.txt. Even though
      he is logged in as elabman, the newproject form has been altered to
      operate as if no one is logged in. I also default a bunch more of
      the fields in this case.
    * The user submits the form. Rather then pend the new project, just
      jump straight into approveproject. That grinds along as usual, and
      when it is done, the elabman account is frozen and the user logged
      out. The user gets a link inviting him to log back in as the user
      just created.
    * Side effects of this new process:
    	* The user is made an admin user (admin=1) automatically.
    	* The user is added to the emulab-ops project as group_root.
    	* The user verification process is skipped.
    	* The user is added to the unixgroups wheel and tbadmin.
    * I reworked this entire section of setup-db.txt ...
    * The user still needs to give himself a real shell and password on
      boss, but I left that for the user to do explicitly. I also drop in
      a pointer to the shellonboss.txt. I might automate this part too at
      some point. Not sure yet.