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    Kevin Atkinson authored
    Changed format of email sent to user on errors.  The error will now
    appear instead of the generic message when I am confident it is
    accurate.  The subject line will also change to reflect the cause of
    an error.
    Avoid sending mail to testbed-ops during failed swap related evenets
    in some cases.  It will instead be sent to a new mailing list
    Added a new row in the experiment info table "Last Error:" which
    states the cause of the error, and links to a new page displaying the
    Made some assign/assign_wrapper errors more informative.
    The error (as determined by tblog) is now stored in the database in a
    more structured fashion.  This inlcudes adding a column for the session
    (in the log table) to testbed_stats to link eash swap event with the
    logs and possible the error.
    Other changes to the database, see sql/database-migrate.txt