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    Commit the stuff necessary to copy out new plab rootballs, versions of · d12f9b61
    Robert Ricci authored
    which had been hanging around in my home directory for a while.
    There are a few new things in plab/etc/netbed_files that set up a
    directory of the same name in @prefix@. This will get rsync'ed with
    netbed_files/ on each planetlab node.
    log/  - just needs to exist for the httpd server
    sbin/ - contains thttpd, and scripts to manipulate it
    www/  - the directory served by thttpd. Contains symlinks to the 'real'
            location of the rootballs (etc/plab)
    I've committed a binary of thttpd - this is simply because it'd be a
    PITA to compile a Linux binary for every devel tree, etc.
    PLAB_ROOTBALL has now become a configure options. The idea is that we
    will keep the latest version number in configure.in, but you can
    override it in your defs
    file. This way, we don't have to update every defs file when there's a new
    version, but people can still play around with their own version if they want.
    The two scripts that interact with the plab nodes skip ones that are
    down. They ssh in as 'utah1', meaning that one of us who has access to
    that account needs to run them, so that they can have access to our
    keys. We can put boss's public key (or something) out there to remove
    this requirement.
    plabdist runs an rsync between @prefix@/etc/plab/netbed_files and a
    file of the same name on the planetlab nodes. It's intended to be run
    from the main install tree - the local rsync directory is not normally
    set up in devel trees. It runs in parallel, but is limited to 4 to
    avoid beating up boss too much. Takes about 1:40 with the current set
    of plab nodes (took > 10 minutes doing one at a time).
    plabhttpd (re)starts the mini web server on all plab nodes