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    Move all modification of the group_membership table to the backend, · cfba1ac7
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    into a single new script call modgroups. Usage:
    	modgroups [-a pid:gid:trust[,pid:gid:trust]...]
                      [-m pid:gid:trust[,pid:gid:trust]...]
                      [-r pid:gid[,pid:gid]...] user
    So, -a to add groups, -r to remove groups, and -m to modify the trust
    value for a member of a group.
    The reason for doing this is that previously, we had no idea in the
    backend what group changes actually happened; we just knew what the
    current groups are. This make it hard to add and remove users from
    mailing lists, chat server buddy lists, etc. This is cleaner ...