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    Add support for disabling dhcp for an experiment/user/group · ca561d42
    Kirk Webb authored
    In support of the collaboration effort with CHPC, I've added a check
    and actions for a new feature, ExternalNodeManagment.  When swapping in,
    the swapper, group, and experiment are checked for the feature.  Since
    there doesn't appear to be a way to ask for an experiment feature in the
    parser, I'm punting for now and just letting the experiment inherit this
    feature from the user and/or project/group.
    The effect of this feature is that nodes will be omitted from the
    dhcpd.conf file when allocated to a marked experiment, and put back
    in when freed from that experiment.
    We will also use this feature to force nodes to reboot even when they
    are in PXEWAIT during the OS setup phase.  Ultimately the point is for
    something else to take over the boot process and manage the experiment's
    nodes for the duration of the experiment.
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