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    Changes related to allowing seperate 'fs' (file server) node. · c53d5827
    Mike Hibler authored
    Entailed new instructions for manual setup as well as integration into
    elabinelab framework.  First, the manual path:
    setup.txt, setup-boss.txt, setup-ops.txt and new setup-fs.txt:
        Updated to reflect potential for separate fs node.  The org here
        is a little dicey and could be confusing with ops+fs vs. ops and fs.
        Has not been field tested yet.
    */GNUmakefile.in: new fs-install target.
    configure, configure.in, defs-*:
        Somewhat unrelated, make min uid/gid to use be a defs setting.
        Also add config of fs-install.in script.
    boss-install.in, ops-install.in and new fs-install.in:
        Handle distinct fs node.  If you have one, fs-install is run before
        ops-install.  All scripts rely on the defs file settings of FSNODE
        and USERNODE to determine if the fs node is seperate.
        Just return "ok" if quotas are not used (i.e., if defs file FS_WITH_QUOTA
        string is null.
        Meta ...