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    Add AddNodes and DeleteNodes, which are convenience functions for the HPC · c3339c9d
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    AddNodes($slice_urn, $credentials, $nodes):
    The "nodes" argument is a hash that looks like:
      {"node45" : {"diskimage" : "urn...",
                   "startup"   : "/bin/echo",
                   "tarballs"  : ["tarball1", "tarball2", ...],
                   "lans"      : ["lan1", "lan2", ...]
                   "node"      : "pc189"},
       "nodeXX" : {...}}
    DeleteNodes($slice_urn, $credentials, $nodes):
    The "nodes" argument is a list like:
      ["node45", ...]
    Any node can be deleted, but it is not yet clear what happens if all the
    nodes of a lan are removed. I probably need to do some work there, but
    David can start with this.
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