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    Working well enough that I can start doing some serious testing. · bf3b4dfc
    Mike Hibler authored
    To that end, added a new "imagerezip" program which reads in an image
    and writes it back out. Right now, this is just to test that reading
    and writing images via the new library produces the same result as the
    "classic" tools. But it might be useful in the future to repack images
    with a different compression level or a different signature (hash function
    or blocksize).
    Also checked in a hack to imageunzip I did for Xing (-I option) to just
    produce a stream of the uncompressed image data (it ignores skips, aka
    it doesn't skip on the output device to put the data in the correct place).
    Unfortunately, I cannot just compare raw images because even trying to
    replicate the chunk packing strategy of the original code, the new library
    packs a bit more into each chunk. Not sure why, but anyway, I have to
    compare old/new images by dumping their contents and by checking the
    generated signatures.
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