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    Fixing errors in emulabizing Docker images · b6e0952e
    Elijah Grubb authored
    Fixed issue with cmd and entrypoint values being set
    Fixed issue with rcS init.d process negatively hurting
    our networking settings.
    Better handling of whitespace in Environment variable
    Squashed commit of the following:
    commit 9aff9b12aa6a60ebb66f10f0a044bf2288b492be
    Author: Elijah Grubb <u0894728@utah.edu>
    Date:   Wed May 9 19:15:40 2018 -0600
        Handling environment variable values with whitespace
    commit c9a16bbd53c183d7f8259d878efb0be07bc8703c
    Author: Elijah Grubb <u0894728@utah.edu>
    Date:   Wed May 9 17:07:43 2018 -0600
        Fixing racing issue and rcs issue
    commit 10bf4517c419fc82f89d084c4f45d60c05a67834
    Author: Elijah Grubb <u0894728@utah.edu>
    Date:   Wed May 9 16:00:45 2018 -0600
        Setting cmd to be empty and entrypoint to be runit
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