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    Initial support for loading Windows7 .wim images via WinPE/ImageX. · ac711ea5
    Mike Hibler authored
    1. Support for "one-shot" PXE booting ala the one-shot osid. Switches to
       pxelinux to boot WinPE and then switch back after done. Painful now
       because we have to HUP dhcpd everytime we change the PXE path, but we
       may be able to fix this in the future by going all-pxelinux-all-the-time.
    2. Added pxe_select, analogous to os_select, for changing the pxe_boot_path
       including the one time path.
    3. Added the WIMRELOAD state machine to shepherd a node through the process.
       Still has some rough edges and may need refining.