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    SSL version of the XMLRPC server. · a9c1045e
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    * SSL based server (sslxmlrpc_server.py) that wraps the existing Python
      classes (what we export via the existing ssh XMLRPC server). I also have a
      demo client that is analogous the ssh demo client (sslxmlrpc_client.py).
      This client looks for an ssl cert in the user's .ssl directory, or you can
      specify one on the command line. The demo client is installed on ops, and
      is in the downloads directory with the rest of the xmlrpc stuff we export
      to users. The server runs as root, forking a child for each connection and
      logs connections to /usr/testbed/log/sslxmlrpc.log via syslog.
    * New script (mkusercert) generates SSL certs for users. Two modes of
      operation; when called from the account creation path, generates a
      unencrypted private key and certificate for use on Emulab nodes (this is
      analagous to the unencrypted SSH key we generate for users). The other mode
      of operation is used to generate an encrypted private key so that the user
      can drag a certific...
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