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    libdb: Add a couple of support routines to update the account_update · a9909c42
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    flag in the nodes table when a user changes his info. Two routines,
    one to do it by type (as for widearea nodes) and another to do it by
    project (as for local) nodes. This last is kinda inefficient, but
    probably not too big a deal.
    mkacct: Two changes.
    1. Use the above changes in libdb when a user changes his info. With
       this change, no longer need to do an account update in the
       experiment page for the ron/wa nodes. The nodes are marked as
       needing the update in mkacct, based on the nodes the user has
       access to. Note, this change applies only to widearea nodes; still
       need to use the update option in the experiment menu for local
       nodes, although I plan to change that to at some point by adding a
       watchdog on the local nodes.
    2. ssh2 key support. The DB can now store both ssh1 and ssh2 keys,
       however those keys are handled differently when creating the auth
       keys files for users. There are actually two files created now, the
       second being the ssh2 key file call authorized_keys2. This change
       is mirrored in the client side code as well.
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