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    Big round of image/osid changes. This is the first cut (final cut?) at · a73e627e
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    supporting autocreating and autoloading images. The imageid form now
    sports a field to specify a nodeid to create the image from; If set,
    the backend create_image script is invoked. Thats the easy part.
    Slightly harder is autoloading images based on the osid specified in
    the NS file. To support this, I have added a new DB table called
    osidtoimageid, which holds the mapping from osid/pctype to imageid.
    When users create images, they must specify what node types that image
    is good for. Obviously, the mappings have to be unique or it would be
    impossible to figure it out! Anyway, once that image mapping is
    in place and the image created, the user can specify that ID in the NS
    file. I've changed os_setup to to look for IDs that are not loaded,
    and to try and find one in the osidtoimageid. If found, it invokes
    os_load. To keep things running in parallel as much as possible,
    os_setup issues all the loads/reboots (could be more than a single se...