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    Merge branch 'exp-vis'. · a70c2716
    Kevin Atkinson authored
    This adds experimental support for experiment visualization.  It
    currently is a Utah only features and is thus guarded by the
    EXP_VIS_SUPPORT site variable, and also requires some changes to
    httpd.conf on ops which are not committed.
    The experiment visualization support allows users to create basic
    per-experiment or per-project web pages by putting an index.html file
    in /proj/PROJ/www/exp-vis/EXP, or /proj/PROJ/www/group-vis.  The web
    pages can then be accessed via the "(User) Visualization" tab in the
    experient or project web page or directly via
    https://users.emulab.net/exp-vis/PROJ/EXP, or /proj-vis/PROJ.  A proxy
    is used so that only project members can access the web page.  Some
    support for per-group vis. is also provided (use
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