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    Chad Barb authored
    Added site variables ('sitevars').
    These are stored in the sitevariables database table.
    Each one has a name, a description (NOT OPTIONAL!), a
    default value, and a current value.
    If the current value is NULL, the default value is used.
    Soon, a mechanism will be added to the install process to
    ensure all needed site variables exist before installing;
    more on that when it is committed.
     - Added 'editsitevars.php3' page, accessable to admins
       via the 'Edit Site Variables' menu option.
     - Added 'setsitevar' script,
       an interface for listing, viewing in detail, and setting
       site variables.
     - Web interface now uses 'web/nologins' and 'web/message'
       instead of one-off database tables.
    NOTE that setting a variable to the default value and
    setting a variable to a value which is string-identical
    are NOT the same thing.
    (This doesn't matter yet, but when we push default values out to
     remote sites as part of our install, it will.)