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    ProtoGeni stitching and vlan tag reservation changes. · 9b7f535e
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * Get rid of all use of component_hops; this was our original syntax
      before the stitching path stuff was nailed down.
    * Allow a vlan tag to be requested in the link statement:
        <link client_id="link0" vlantag="765">
          <interface_ref client_id="geni1:if0" />
    * Support vlan tag requests in the stiching path part:
      This is the only support at the moment; none of the range stuff is
      done. Further, if you really want things to work, make sure all the
      hops have the same vlan tag cause we don't do vlan translation
      internally or at our edge points.
    * Utah only change in the mapper; when trying to use a shared vlan
      whose tag is great then 1000, demand the "highvlan" feature on the
      nodes in the lan. Only some of our switches to high numbered vlans.
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