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    Rework old XMLRPC code that I stuck into defs.php3 a long time ago, · 98d2ab5f
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    but never made use of. Moved to its own file (www/xmlrpc.php3.in)
    and made to be more like the perl library I did a couple of months ago,
    that presents an interface to an sslxmlrpc server, via the sslxmlrpc
    client program operating in "raw" mode (takes raw xml on stdin, and
    returns raw xml on stdout).
    Added ELABINELAB code to nodetipacl.php3 so that you can click on
    console icon on an inner emulab web page, and it will ask the outer
    emulab sslxmlrpc server for the stuff it needs, and return that to the
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