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    Working Mellanox user alloc switch support (issue #445): · 95e7bded
    Leigh B Stoller authored
    * The primary problem with the mellanox is that the install image does a
      kexec out of ONIE into Linux, spends 30+ minutes doing stuff, and then
      reboots. This throws the reload state machine out of whack cause we do
      not get a chance to send the RELOADDONE state. So ... some change to
      rc.testbed and rc.reload on the USB dongle: the ONIE MFS sends
      RELOADING and writes a flag file to the ONIE partition on the
      "disk" (not the usb). Then the kexec into MLNX, the install happens,
      and reboots. The next boot into ONIE sees the flag file, erases it and
      sends REDLOADDONE. Waits for a bit, and then continues on the normal
      path. This abuses stated in that there a whiny messages in the stated
      log file, but I am immune to stated whining.
    * Another item of note is that the switch DHCPs, but only to get the IP
      info, there is no ability to give it an initial config file like we
      can with the Dell switches. The main problem here is that the switch
      comes up with its default login/password which is obviously well known
      cause its in the manual. That means there is a window where the switch
      is vulnerable, but since we block the switches from the public side,
      this is not a serious problem. As soon as we can get in (sshd is
      running) we login and update the config with passwords, keys,
    * Other changes to the machine dependent osload library module, I had
      done some of this before switching to the Dells way back when, but it
      needed to be updated/completed.
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