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    A set of changes to make swapmod work on jailed nodes (note, swapmod · 92ff875a
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    does not yet work with remove virtual nodes; that will take even more
    Added a new allocstate called RES_TEARDOWN. assign_wrapper no longer
    deallocates unused nodes, but rather moves them into the new state for
    the wrapper (tbswap) to deal with. Thats cause deleted vnodes need to
    be torn down, since its possible that the node on which they were
    living will not be deallocated (say, if there are other vnodes on
    it). We do not want to be doing that from assign_wrapper, so tbswap
    looks for those nodes.
    Made vnode_setup allocstate aware in the same way that os_setup is;
    do not reboot vnodes or try to set up vnodes when they are already in
    the RES_READY state, as they will be when doing a swapmod. In
    addition, if os_setup is going to reboot the underlying physnode, move
    the vnodes on that node into RES_READY too, since there they will
    setup automatically. Might need an interim state here, for correctness.