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    Initial DB support for wireless nodes. Added a "protocol" text field and · 90a6e82b
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    an "is_accesspoint" boolean to virt_lans. The former defaults to
    "ethernet" but can be set to anything (80211a, 80211b, etc) in the NS
    file. The is_accesspoint is temporary, and simply allows you to set
    which node is the accesspoint in the NS file. This slot will probably
    move to another table at some point.
    Added interface_capabilities table, which is intended to list the
    capabilities and the default values, for interfaces listed in the
    interface_types table. This allows a more flexible description of
    interfaces, expecially wireless devices. Initially, I have seeded the
    table with just the default protocol (ethernet) and the speed. For
    example, the fxp:
    	fxp              | protocols         | ethernet |
    	fxp              | ethernet_defspeed | 100000   |
    As you can see, protocols is plural, and is intended to be a comma
    separated list. So, for the atheros wireless card:
    	ath              | protocols         | 80211a,80211b,80211g |
    	ath              | 80211a_defspeed   | 54000                |
    	ath              | 80211b_defspeed   | 11000                |
    	ath              | 80211g_defspeed   | 54000                |
    I gave up on using the entire row as a primary key; this is just too
    painful from perl/php/python where hashes are the most popular data
    structure, and duplicate columns get overwritten.