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    Add a "ctrladdr" utility to show (un)allocated addresses on the control net. · 9047e21a
    Gary Wong authored
    Right now, the only addresses it knows are allocated are anything assigned
    in the interfaces table with a "ctrl" role, and anything in the dynamic
    pool in the virt_node_public_addr table.  (And the reserved network and
    broadcast addresses.)
    This needs to be extended to anything else we know about!
    By default, the output is supposed to be easy to parse and simply
    displays the first available address.  More than one available address
    can be requested with the "-n" option (e.g. "-n 10" will show the
    first ten unallocated addresses).  "-n 0" will show every free
    address on the subnet.
    The "-a" option (meant more for human consumption) also describes
    allocated addresses.  For instance, "ctrladdr -a -n 0" will show
    every address on the control net, and what it's used for (if
    anything).  "-r" will compress ranges of consecutive free addresses
    onto a single line.
    To test whether a particular address is in use, invoke it as (e.g.)
    "ctrladdr -t".  This will give an exit code of 0 if the
    address is available, and 1 if used.  Any other options are ignored
    if "-t" is specified.
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