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    Some support for gigabit interfaces. The biggest change is that we're · 851e2f1d
    Robert Ricci authored
    more liberal about which links don't need delays. Before, we were
    putting delays on anything that wasn't 100Mbps.
    The other change is that for delay nodes, we set virtual link
    bandwidths by rounding up to the next fastest speed of interface,
    instead of hardwiring 100Mbps. Similarly, we set the speed of
    physical delay interfaces to the card's 'native' speed instead of
    hardwiring 100Mbps.
    These changes work for our nodes and links, but are still not totally
    general. Really, what needs to happen is that assign needs to be the
    one to insert delay nodes, because it's the only place where we really
    know which interfaces of what speeds are available on which nodes.
    But, that is a very big project, since both assign wrapper and assign
    need to be changed.