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    If a known user (based on stored cookies) is not logged in than · 846a98d6
    Kevin Atkinson authored
    redirect to the login page rather than printing a message with a link
    to the page.  Otherwise send a "403 Forbidden" to keep robots from
    indexing the page.  Also send appreciate HTTP responses on other
    precheck errors to keep a robot from indexing the page.  In order to
    do this the PAGEHEADER call needed to be moved to after
    CheckLoginOrDie and Required/OptionalPageArguments on many pages.  A
    warning will be printed if either CheckLoginOrDie or
    Required/OptionalPageArguments detects that PAGEHEADER was already
    Also change the redirect in kb-show to be a permanent redirect (301)
    rather than a temporary one (302) which is the default unless a status
    code is given.