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    Checkpoint my cvs interface to the workbench. This first cut uses the · 8371fc79
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    "rtag" directive to initiate template modify operations. So, to get started
    you do a checkout:
      cvs -d ops.emulab.net:/proj/$pid/templates/XXXXX/cvsrepo checkout XXXXX
    where XXXXX is the part of the guid (10000/1) before the slash. Might try
    and roll all templates into a single project wide repo at some point, to
    avoid the extraneous path stuff, but didn't want to worry that just yet.
    Okay, so have a checkout. You can work along the trunk, doing commits. To
    create a new template (a modify of the existing template), you tag the tree
    using rtag:
      cvs -d ops.emulab.net:/proj/$pid/templates/XXXXX/cvsrepo rtag mytag XXXXX
    A template modify is started at the end, and you should probably wait for
    email before continuing. Eventually I will need to add locking of some
    kind, but I have to do the modify in the background, or else I get deadlock
    cause cvs keeps the repo locked, and the modify also needs to access it.
    Each time you tag along the trunk, you get a modified template, which in
    the history diagram looks like:
      10000/1 --> 10000/2 --> 10000/3 ...
    If you want to branch, say at 10000/2 you can create a branch tag using rtag:
      cvs -d [cut] rtag -r T10000/2 -b mytag2 XXXXX
    You can also use your own tags for -r option, but I also create a TXXXXX/YY
    tag at each template modify, which is easy to remember.
    Then update your sandbox to the new branch, commit changes along that
    branch, and then later use rtag again to initiate a template modify
      cvs update -r mytag2
      cvs commit ...
      cvs -d [cut] rtag -r mytag2 mytag3 XXXXX
    And now the history diagram looks like:
      10000/1 --> 10000/2 --> 10000/3 ...
                    -> 10000/4 ...
    You should be able to mix interaction via the web with interaction via the
    cvs interface. I've tested it, although not extensively.