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    Change how the archive stuff is presented in the template instance and · 808f43ec
    Leigh B. Stoller authored
    run display pages.
    * Add new code to archive_control and libarchive to create tags (in
      optional subdirs) of the tags directory. These tags are simply tags
      on the current trunk at the time.
    * Change to template instantiate and start/top run code to create a
      "runs" directory. Within the runs directory are subdirs named for
      each runid, and within this directory are start and stop run tags.
      Eventually add some other tags when doing swapmods, but do not have
      that figured out yet.
    * Change the viewcvs code to add an "embedded" view of an archive.
      This is just an alternate view that has no header/footer goo, but
      only the actual svn contents. The main reason for this change is
      that the header and footers take up a huge amount of space and
      contribute nothing. Smaller means its easier to add to the instance
      and run show pages.
    * Add the above mentioned embedded archive view to the instance and
      run show pages. On the instance page you see the directory of all
      runids, and on the show run page you see the subdir for that run.